Lilly The Witch

Half Hour Animated TV Series
2003 – Ireland / Germany / UK

Young Lilly has a pet dragon called Hector and an amulet that she uses to travel to far flung times and places to have adventures.

Episodes Series 1: 
Lilly in the Stone Age

Episodes Series 2:
Lilly in the Gold Rush
Lilly and King Arthur

foreign exchange

Half Hour Comedy Drama TV Series
2003 – Ireland / Australia

When Australian boy Brett Miller finds a strange portal in his basement, he discovers a magical passage to the other side of the world – Ireland, and the school of Hannah O’Flaherty. We follow as they use the portal to explore and have adventures between each others’ hemispheres. 

Pilot Episode

the fairytales

Half Hour Animated TV Series
2001 – Ireland / Denmark

Animated versions of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tales. 

The Swineherd
The Jumpers
The Snowman

Norman Normal

Half Hour Animated TV Series
2002 – Ireland / Germany / France

When the microwave exploded, everyone in Norman’s family got superpowers – except him. Now his family fights injustice while he tries to live the life of a normal teenager. Whatever that is.

Episodes Series 2: 
Rock on Norman
Caution, Norman at Work

Custer's Last Stand Up

Custer's Last Stand-Up

Half Hour Comedy Drama TV Series
2000-2001 – Ireland / UK
BAFTA Winner Best Children’s Drama 2001

It’s hard trying to be a standup comedian when you’re only fourteen years old, but luckily Jamie Custer has his best friend Dallas O’Rourke to be his manager. Success is assured. Surely. 

Episodes Series 1: 
He Ain’t Heavy
Playing With Grownups
The Visit

Episodes Series 2: 
The Sponsorship League
Hear My Song