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Thursday's Child (Thriller)


Feature Film, Thriller

After a deadly virus has swept across the world, anti-retroviral drugs keep victims infected but alive, while drug companies make billions. When a scientist threatens their dominance by creating a cure, he entrusts it to the one person he believes he can trust – the estranged daughter who hates him. After he takes his own life, she is forced to ally with Ireland’s biggest drug company in order to stay one step ahead of their rival, and find the cure by following a trail of cryptic clues her father left for her.

By centring its story around the world of pharmaceuticals and access to life-saving medicine, THURSDAY’S CHILD puts a wonderful twist on the traditional thriller formula. The script features a variety of compelling characters, great tension and a surprising but satisfying conclusion.
– The Black List

* Placed Third in the 2020 Feel The Reel International Film Festival

Shell Game (Thriller)


Feature Film, European Thriller

An international assassin is sent to Ireland by her boss and lover to kill her best friend, the sister assassin who betrayed her. But as conflicting truths emerge, she must decide who to trust and who to kill.

An affecting, at times brilliant, take on the international thriller genre… ends with a standoff most writers strive to achieve. The characterization, interpersonal relationships, stakes and pacing are the standout elements here, boasting a highly commercial – though blisteringly intelligent – story 
– The Black List  

* Finalist in the 2020 Feel The Reel International Film Festival
* Quarter Finalist in the 2019 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards
* Finalist in the 2019 Breaking Walls Thriller Screenplay Contest

Do You Take... (Romantic Comedy)


Feature Film, Romantic Comedy

When a straight-laced accountant’s fiancé asks for a week apart 18 days before their fairytale wedding, she meets an English saxophone player in Italy with whom she has chaste, but undeniable connection. With the dream wedding back on, everything is perfect again. Until the saxophone player turns up in Dublin to declare his undying love – three days before the ceremony.

This is a joy of a script with a vivid, hard-not-to-love world and top notch dialogue. The characters are charming, and the pacing of the plot is well-handled… Overall, this script is genuinely funny in a way that’s sincere more than slapstick – a breath of fresh air. ”
– The Black List

* Winner of the WriteMovies Romance and Comedy Award 2020
* Finalist in the 2020 Feel The Reel International Film Festival

Must Die

Short Film, Comedy (10 minutes)

A bitter Irishman builds a time machine to go back and stop the woman who wrote the misery memoir that blighted his schooldays. Will a visiting American be tempted to follow his example?

Great comedic timing and strong character arcs help to create a story worth telling.”
Chicago Screenplay Awards

* Quarter Finalist in the 2019 Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards
* Finalist in the Chicago Screenplay Awards 2019

* Semi-finalist in the September 2019 Rome Prisma Awards (Best Short Screenplay)
* Quarter-finalist in the 2017 Page International
Screenplay Competition (Short Film Scripts)