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Feature Film, Thriller

A fortysomething assassin must choose who to trust and who to kill when her lover sends her to kill her best friend.

This… script does not disappoint. The characters are exactly the type of cool, stoic crooks that make the genre fun, and the complicated nature of their relationships reveal deeper layers to the story as it goes on… What this script has that many thrillers don’t is a real emotional core and an actual character story. ” – The Black List

Do You Take... Romantic Comedy Feature Film Poster


Feature Film, Romantic Comedy

A straight-laced accountant’s fairy-tale wedding is plunged into jeopardy when her bohemian holiday fling turns up three days before the ceremony.

This is a joy of a script with a vivid, hard-not-to-love world and top notch dialogue. The characters are charming, and the pacing of the plot is well-handled… Overall, this script is genuinely funny in a way that’s sincere more than slapstick – a breath of fresh air. ” – The Black List

Thursday's Child, Thriller Feature Film Poster


Feature Film, Thriller

A teacher is forced into an uneasy alliance with a drug company to find a cure for a deadly global plague, by following a series of cryptic clues left by her dead father

By centering it’s story around the world of pharmaceuticals and access to life-saving medicine, THURSDAY’S CHILD puts a wonderful twist on the traditional thriller formula. The script features a variety of compelling characters, great tension and a surprising but satisfying conclusion.” – The Black List

The Ghosts of Molly Keenan

TV Pilot, Comedy Drama (30 minutes)

An ambitious corporate lawyer’s five-year plan is torn apart when, on her 27th birthday, she unexpectedly inherits the power to see dead people – demanding, nosy, cantankerous dead people.

Currently optioned by John Kelleher Media.

Bridgedeen Must Die, Comedy Drama Short Film Poster

Bridgedeen Must Die

Short Film, Comedy (10 minutes)

Two men, one time machine. Proof of genius, or wake-up call?

This script was a quarter-finalist in the 2017 Page International Screenplay Competition